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Steven James –
Certified Dog Behaviorist/Trainer

I’m Steven James, Dog Behaviorist and I’d love to help you have the courteous, calm, and amazing dog you deserve. 

The Problems

Do you want to keep your dog from jumping up on people, or from barking excessively, pulling on the lead, being aggressive, mouthing, or even getting under your feet in the kitchen? I can help. And, with this method, your dog(s) will more easily learn how to sit, stay, wait, roll over, fetch, high-five, and a host of other behaviors.

About Me

Hi, I’ve loved dogs all of my life. As a kid, our family had several breeds over the years. As an adult, my love for dogs grew stronger. Over the years I have worked with a lot of breeds in several countries, including my own pets. I’ve also worked as a high school science teacher, so I’ve been naturally curious about how dogs think, and the best ways to train. That’s what led me to becoming a certified professional. 

How This Method Works

My method uses scientific, modern brain-based behavior modification using operant conditioning to teach your dog how to be a calm, courteous member of your family. I help you to understand how your dog(s) think and why they behave the way they do. Then, not only will you see an immediate change, but I’ll give you the tools and knowledge to ensure you’ll enjoy a lifetime of peace and joy with your dog.

There’s a reason for hope

You and your dog(s) can enjoy a wonderful, long life together. And isn’t it great that this can happen at a price far less than many others charge just to teach your dog a few tricks but doesn’t address the whole nature of your dog?

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The How & Why of Pack Leadership

The Pack Leader Advantages:

Dog training that focuses on Owner Education and Dog Communication.

Pack Leader

Everything In “High Status”, “The Foundation” and: 

  • ALL behavioral issues are addressed.
  • Learn to decode “doggish” – the language of dogs so you can avoid challenges and train more efficiently. You’ll learn what movements and barks mean in the doggy world.
  • Understand why your dog can’t respond to you how you want every single time AND
  • How to get your dog to want to please you for the rest of her life
  • Learn training tips and techniques that will help assure your success
  • Get 2+ hours of additional, personalized, at-home training or behavior modification help at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Your choice of up to $40 of equipment or a hat ($36 value) as a “thank you”.
  • FREE training treats during consultation
  • 3+ Hours of Initial Consult AND
  • Up to 2 hours of Follow-Up Training
  • $750
  • Free – Your Choice: up to $40 Gear and a Pack Leader shirt

High Status

Everything in the “Foundations” package, PLUS –

  • Besides immediately addressing up to 3 behavioral concerns you also get basic commands (sit, wait, walk, and come), as well as brain games to help exercise your dog’s mind and body which leads to a better relationship and greater calmness.
  • Find out what to do when your dog challenges you
  • Learn how to avoid frightening or embarrassing moments when your dog is overreactive
  • Discounted access to “Dog Trainer Online” (76% discount!)
  • $400
  • 3+ hours

The Foundation/at home or remote!

  • Training at your home so you don’t have to pack up your pooch, or online via Zoom.
  • Everything you need to make positive & permanent changes beginning that day.
  • Uncover what it takes to have your dog trust you as the leader, without fear, aggression, or force.
  • Discover how to have a calmer dog who wants to please you for the rest of its’ life.
  •  Feel great knowing that your furry family member is treated with kindness, and you won’t have to rely on bribes for the rest of their life!
  • Free email/phone support for the LIFE of your dog
  • $200
  • 1.5+ hours

Additional dogs and mileage charges may be added but only after being agreed upon prior to your consultation.

Because the number of clients I can work with is limited, a FREE pre-visit consult is needed to determine if we are a good match.

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STOP! Before you do anything else, I fully recommend you have a chat with Dog Trainer Academy certified trainer Steven, the knowledge he has is very likely exactly what you are looking for”

– Doggy Dan

I was ready to give up!

Oh my goodness, we are so thankful for all the insight that Steve gave to us in regards to our dogs. So helpful and has helped boost my confidence with our rescue dog LeeLoo. I was ready to give up on her but was amazed at how gentle she was under Steve’s command. I recommend him completely for you and your dog. Thanks Steve

Cynthia Skala

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Steve met with us and our two male dogs; a 6.5 year old Anatolian shepherd mix and a 20 month old Pyrenees Lab mix. We really needed help with basic obedience, socializing and changing the hierarchy in our household! We were not being treated as the “pack leader” by our eldest dog. Steve spent many hours with us and gave each dog several hours of individual training time until the last hour where we got to see the two dogs interact together. He provided us with so many tools and techniques to implement going forward. Both dogs made fantastic progress in just the handful of hours we spent with him. I definitely feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because our oldest dog has never been good with interacting with many dogs, especially other males. Just being able to have them within a few feet of eachother in the same room was such great progress. I’m looking forward to additional training with Steve and I so highly recommend him!

Lauren Kiraly

He definitely knows what he’s doing…

We have never used a dog trainer, although we should have in the past! After a great deal of research, we found Steve at Pack Leader Dog Training, actually he found us. We posted we were looking for a trainer through a helpful website, and he contacted us right away. As soon as I spoke with Steve, I felt confident that he would be great with our boxer. He is very calm, funny, smart and easy to trust and work with. He was willing to speak with me over the phone first and answer all the questions I had while also explaining his techniques. Our Boxer was comfortable with Steve from the moment he arrived, and so we’re we. He definitely knows what he’s doing and has given us all the tools needed to continue training Frankie. I am very happy to know I can contact him anytime with any further issues! Thank you Steve! You are truly amazing.

Brenda & Robert Meyer

Time and Money Well Spent

Sadie and I had a great time with Steve! It was fun to watch her respond to his calm approach, and to see her progress in the time he was here! It was amazing! We are well on our way to strengthening the bond we already have, and to having a well-behaved dog that everyone can enjoy. This was time and money well spent; the knowledge and experience Steve carries with him is irreplaceable. I’m very happy with our experience!

Debbie Canavan

More Than the Dog

“He explained everything so I could understand it. He assists along the way, he really focuses on training the handler and not just the dog!” 

Elizabeth C., Redding

Very Pleasant

Steve was great with our dog, Izzy. He was patient, friendly and very pleasant. He definitely knows how to train. I recommend him highly!”

Gina W. , Redding

Beyond Basic Commands

“There are a lot of dog trainers out there that can teach your dog how to do basic commands, but that’s not what we were looking for. Our 5 month dachshund puppy had real behavioral issues. Steve helped us understand what our puppy was thinking and why these behaviors were happening, so we knew how to get them under control. Steve was honest and told us that it would be a process and our dog won’t be changed the moment he left the session. But, I will tell you, our puppy was definitely different right after that one session. We had a better understanding of each other. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement over time after using the tools Steve taught us. Thank you so much, Steve!”

Serrina M., Redding

Bright Future

“Steve came out (very punctually, might I add) to help our family integrate a new dog….. I was at a loss when trying to figure out when to correct her and when to praise. I now feel more confident with controlling the new dog (she is paying more attention) and that confidence has given me space to handle stressful situations and dog encounters more easily. Steve is very reassuring, never judgemental (previously mentioned “letting them slides”), and always remains calm. I would recommend him for training both your dog and yourself; family harmony now feels obtainable and the future is bright.” 

Kimberly W. , Redding

Amazing Growth

“Amazing experience! Steve is great and gave us such amazing foundational work! We have an adult Great Pyrenees who was adopted at 3, so we were unsure where to start with him. We’re already seeing amazing growth in our dog as Steve taught us ways to calm his nerves and create a healthy family dynamic for him. Would definitely recommend Steve!” 

Lynsey S., Redding

Practical Examples

Steve is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors and personalities. He does an excellent job at sharing practical examples and then how to use them with your dog. We liked how he was easy to connect to. He was funny, professional, and sincere. We saw improvements just hours after our first session. We highly recommend him as a dog trainer! 

Kevin R, Redding

Highly Recommended

“Steve was wonderful! I love his gentle and evidence based guidance on dog behavior. Highly recommended!”

Jolene K., Redding

Prompt, Polite, and Caring

“He responded promptly, was very polite and caring and took the time to listen to our concerns. He was also able to set an appointment for the same week. His years of experience also was an important issue.”

Rod & Lupe G., Corning

A Great Teacher

“Steve is a great teacher and I gained some valuable tools to help me work with my new puppy. Thank you Steve!”

Corrine, Redding

Veda Masters on Leash Walk!

Great information for me to use to train my puppy, a catahula mountain cur. 

Heather C., Redding


What a neat experience! We took our very traumatized rescue dog for observation behavior analysis. We were ready have “Jessy” put down. Needless to say a month since seeing Steve, Jessy is still with us and is a well-behaved, calm pet. Steve helped us change or behaviors in dealing w/Jess and behavior improved accordingly. 5 STARS!!!!

Mark Davenport, Yuba City

Rescues Learn Manners

Very informative. Immediate results. Now it’s up to me and my wife.

Bill & Pam, Redding

He Can Be Trained

“I have a chihuahua lab mix and I thought he could never be trained but when I met Steve he showed me and taught me everything I need to know to train my dog I love Steve I would definitely recommend i am so happy with only the first day he was great I didn’t think my dog would listen that much but I will be having him come back for sure” 💚❤️

Emily H., Cottonwood


“Mr. Steve is so kind and patient. His goal is for you and your dog to be successful and he communicates that through his actions.Our Golden doodle improved immediately after our session with Mr. Steve and he continues to make excellent progress.Hope is not lost and we are so grateful for Mr. Steve!He even followed up with us to see how we were doing; his standard is excellence – stop your search here.”

Berley and Sherrilynn, Redding

Funny, Professional, and Sincere

Steve is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors and personalities. He does an excellent job at sharing practical examples and then how to use them with your dog. We liked how he was easy to connect to. He was funny, professional, and sincere. We saw improvements just hours after our first session. We highly recommend him as a dog trainer!

Joni & Kevin R., Redding

Highly Recommend

“Absolutely loved our experience. We highly recommend Pack Leader Dog Training!!”

Dawn S., Anderson

Immediate Changes

Steve is great trainer, he helped me understand my dogs behavior and trained me to train my dog Freyja. She responded right away and I was really impressed and happy!  Thank You Steve your the best!

Juanita, Palo Cedro


“Our experience with Steven from Pack Leader Dog Training was fantastic! I would not hesitate in recommending Pack Leader Dog Training and Steven for your dog training needs! They are very reasonable also!”

Debrah & Patrick W. , Red Bluff

Gentle And Effective

“Steve is awesome! In his visit, Steve taught us some gentle but effective techniques to help keep our energetic boy under control…. and we feel so hopeful and excited that he is already showing so much progress after only one visit!”

Nick & Taylor, Redding

The Big 3!!

It was a joy to have Steve come out and give us some tools we could use for our 3 dogs. We could see a difference in them the next day.

Jeanette, Cottonwood, CA

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  1. I am training a recently adopted dog in basic obedience at home currently with the eventual goal of training him to be a service dog, (mobility support and low vision/blind support), for someone in the home. We are interested in eventually seeing a trainer who has experience with support dog training especially in the public access test requirements and getting the dog certified ,(if he turns out to be a good candidate to be a service dog, we need to train him as far as possible to that end goal). Do you do that type of training outside of the training listed on your website?, or can you recommend someone locally who does?

    Thank you,
    Laura Bitzer-Hammans

    1. Hi Laura, yes, the service I provide is perfect for preparing your dog to receive service training and certification because service dogs must be calm and respectful.
      I am not, however, currently offering a course in service dog training that leads to certification.

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