Light at the end of the Tunnel

Steve met with us and our two male dogs; a 6.5 year old Anatolian shepherd mix and a 20 month old Pyrenees Lab mix. We really needed help with basic obedience, socializing and changing the hierarchy in our household! We were not being treated as the “pack leader” by our eldest dog. Steve spent many hours with us and gave each dog several hours of individual training time until the last hour where we got to see the two dogs interact together. He provided us with so many tools and techniques to implement going forward. Both dogs made fantastic progress in just the handful of hours we spent with him. I definitely feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because our oldest dog has never been good with interacting with many dogs, especially other males. Just being able to have them within a few feet of eachother in the same room was such great progress. I’m looking forward to additional training with Steve and I so highly recommend him!

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