Simple Dog Biscuits

Why go through the hassle when there are plenty of options on the shelves of your local market?

Here are three great reasons you should start making your own treats today:

  1. They’re fun and easy to make: We know how much better freshly baked cookies are! And because they’re so easy to make, it’s a great family activity that will be enjoyed by everyone involved.
  2. Each batch is as affordable as you want it to be! YOU are in control of the ingredients that are as affordable as you want.
  3. Your dog is getting a healthy alternative to overly processed, dead food because you control the ingredients! By preparing food ourselves we know what’s going into those treats. No worries about unknown chemicals causing debilitating health issues to our furry family members.

By creating our own special treats, we can avoid bad ingredients like:

  • Artificial preservatives
  • Artificial flavors
  • Sugars
  • Salts
  • Grains
  • Soy
  • Various meat or offal

Keep in mind that many treats require refrigeration because you won’t use artificial preservatives to store them.

How do I Choose what treats to make?

The web is full of great recipes for making your furry family its’ favorite treats. Searching through all of your options would be exhausting. That’s why I’ve checked out a few and have posted here that are easy to make at home so you can keep your scrolling to a minimum.

  • Simple & Quick: The Blondcook posted this great recipe that only has 3 ingredients, makes 35 tasty treats, and takes 35 minutes from start to finish!
    Check out her article here.
  • NO BAKE: Only 3 ingredients and there’s no need to bake them! This simple recipe uses peanut butter, quick oats, and pumpkin puree (*pumpkin can help to reduce/eliminate diarrhea). NO mixer is required, just shape them by hand and then place them on a sheet and refrigerate. This recipe comes from


(*For dogs with allergies): apples, bananas, pumpkin, and carrots are the super healthy ingredients that will have your doggy friends coming back for more.

Even with five ingredients, plus water, the total time to make and bake these special treats is only 35 minutes. Get the full article here from Home and Plate

  • CBD-infused: According to, CBD oil for dogs has been making its way across the doggie world. CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and immune booster for dogs. It not only helps relieve mild pain, but it can also help with dog anxiety and more! Now you can create your own CBD-infused treats in no time by mixing CBD-Infused Peanut Butter, frozen carrots, and oats. Check out this site to get this and other recipes.

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